A simple solution to the No Cell Power error on Hayward Aqualogic pool systems.
Step-By-Step Instructions
with How To Solder video
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Rick said...
Thank you very much for posting this site, saved me hundreds. Diagnosis and instructions were perfect. Repair done in one hour.
Jacquie said...
We followed the easy to understand instructions as you detailed and great news it solved our "no cell power" problem.. These instructions and our friend who followed them saved us several hundred $$ thank you!
Geno said...
I soldered twice and "No Cell Power" came right back on. Cleaned off the old solder and did the 3rd application. This time I waited 20 minutes before turning the filter back on. Surprise, no Check System lite. I think leaving the new solder sit for a awhile helps it seal.
Disclaimer: Following these instructions could lead to expensive pool repairs, electrocution, and death. Use at your own risk.
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