A simple solution to the No Cell Power error on Hayward Aqualogic pool systems.
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Dave Van Ess said...
Watched the video. It made the dis-assembly easy. Bad K1 connection. Fix in less than 15 minutes.
Tim H. in AZ said...
My K1 relay had a discolored solder joint. The solder had actually melted out and left some black goo in it's wake. I took an X-acto blade and carefully scraped back the green solder mask near the relay pin to expose the copper metal the pin was supposed to connect to. This made a square about 3/8" x 3/8" around the relay pin. Make sure the copper is bright and no solder mask left debris is left. Then when I re-soldered (with flux) I flooded the entire 3/8" square area with solder and 360 degrees around the relay pin, ensuring good current flow from the pin into the surrounding metal. This will keep the connection from heating up (I hope). A weak connection or too thin a connection concentrates the current flow. That causes the temperature to rise in the solder/copper trace, and that cause the solder joint failure. So it is important to provide plenty of good contact area between the relay pin and the copper area on the PCB.
Name (Optional) said...
Help! Aqurite salt machine keeps showing check cell check salt. salt level is 900, but it will not generate when salt s added. cell is also clean.
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